Kitchen Renovation is Not for Sissies


After more than four years of talking about it, we started the renovation of our 1954 kitchen in January.  It's been a bit more than a month so far (this is an older picture, or I'd be considerably more frazzled than I am anyway) and we have 2-3 weeks before it's usable again.  A couple of weeks after that, it will be the heavenly new kitchen that I know is at the end of this insane process.

I really did have the most optimistic intentions.  I got an induction burner (review: unpredictable) and set up a mini kitchen in the corner of my already mini living room.  I was vaguely reasonable in my expectations of what might be possible: slow cooker stuff, soups, omelets.  What I totally underestimated was the challenge of washing dishes in our mini bathroom sink.  And now matter how many times a day I clean my bathroom sink, I still feel a little grossed out by having dishes in there at all.  I know, first world problem.

What I did make, two days in a row after three days in a row of Thai food, was tortellini and kale soup.  With lots of onions and some chili flakes.  It's a great go-to weeknight soup: flexible, fast, reliant on very few fresh ingredients.  Add white beans, potato, frozen butternut squash, frozen cauliflower, some farro - whatever soothes your soul.  Throw some good parm on top and dinner is served.


But, washing parm out of the bottom of a bowl can be challenging in a tiny bathroom sink.  So, back to take out we went.

In a few weeks, we'll be back in business around here.  In the meantime, I leave you with the following words of wisdom: don't hire a plumber with no wheels.