How to boil water...

Someone once asked my sister if I’d always loved cooking, she laughed so hard she nearly chocked on her disbelief.  I used to burn water – I was an epic failure in the kitchen.  But in the summer of 2001, I found myself funemployed in Boston with the dot-com bust, paying off my room and board by cooking for my roommates.  I watched cooking shows in the morning, shopped at mid-day, and experimented in the kitchen all afternoon.  I was a pretty quick study, and my roommates were hungry software developers with low expectations – a recipe for success if there was one.

A dozen (plus) years later, I’m living in sunny Southern California, hitting the farmers markets on the weekends, and cooking for hungry family and friends.  I use this blog to share recipes with friends and to justify being one of those people who takes pictures of her food, so thanks for reading — and I take requests!  -Jess